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Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters - How they captured a “Disco Girl”

Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters - How they captured a “Disco Girl”

Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters’ reign of terror began in 2010 when DJ/producer Slade Templeton of Defunct! fame agreed to collaborate with vocalist Mr. M on a new dance music endeavor. Not content to go with the “run of the mill” sounds of normal house music, Mr. M and Slade went to the lab to produce the ultimate musical Frankenstein. By combining the capable production ability of Slade and the talented vocal skills of Mr. M, this duo were able to create something truly unique and fresh sounding, that was sure to catch the attention of even the most jaded of listeners. The duo have since went on to collaborate with the likes of MC Messinian, Alex Mind, and vocalist iRawniq of Flying Without Wings.

I caught up with Last Night I Dreamt of Monster to discuss their new EP “Disco Girl”, that dropped this past Monday, August 29th on Beatport!

Driven By Beats:: Tell me about the album title.

Slade: The album title came about from the original take of the tune we did, which originally had full lyrics and vocals laid in on a verse section. I then decided to strip it down to the basic filter type dance structure and push for more of straight organic dance floor approach… disco mayhem type of thing.

Mr. M: Originally the album title and artwork were far different. Much darker than what it is now. But Satan’s Circus (our label for this release) urged us in a slightly different direction conceptually and, honestly, I couldn’t be happier. It’s not what I had envisioned. It’s so much cooler.

Driven By Beats: What was it like putting the album together and how did you get Ryan Riot involved?

Slade: Ryan Riot is actually my girlfriend’s work partner in a massive party night in Zurich Switzerland called “Discodust”, and they throw amazing parties over there. I have been friends with Ryan for a bit now and heard some of his recent stuff through Katinka (my Girlfriend, whose artist name is The Parallax,, and just really dig his sound. He also has a release already out you should grab on Satan’s Circus (the same killer label this EP is on). He fit very well for the release and did a great new take on the original.

Mr. M: This album is the best of the best of an armful of songs we had initially put together in the months after our first release with Electric Hype Records/ Dandy Kid Records (The Black EP). We were planning on a longer release, but we were far more interested in putting together the strongest album we could. And I really think we’ve done that. Disco Girl is a very straight forward EP and it definitely leaves you wanting more.

Driven By Beats: What sort of music can people look forward to hearing on this EP?

Slade: This EP is disco. It is a nufunk type of electro and disco that crosses up a hybrid of French style filter house, some indie dance qualities all tied in with House. It is very neo, groovy and sexy all at the same time. Something that can work for pretty much any type of House or Dance set. Straight up party vibes!

Mr. M: Right off, this EP makes you wanna move. Unlike a lot of Electro groups out there, we try our best to consider the casual listener as well as the club scene. We want everyone to dance. No matter where you are.

Driven By Beats: Anything else that people can look forward to with this EP?

Slade: It is being put out on a long time friend that put my project Defunct! out a long time ago called Satan’s Circus. They are freaking AWESOME and have just an amazing roster of indie dance and more raw type artists that are all original and pave a path of their own. The EP is unique and releasing it with Satans Circus will really put everything in motion for this release.

Mr. M: Satan’s Circus releasing an album by Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters with a Disco Girl Remix by Ryan Riot? How much more special could you get?


For more information on Last Night I Dreamt of Monsters, visit their Facebook page at

To purchase the “Disco Girl” EP on Beatport:

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